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Active Release Technique

b-300x250Refit Physical Restoration is dedicated towards offering our Jersey City patients the very best leading technologies. Contact us to learn more about how Active Release Techniques (ART) can help your soft tissue injuries or damage.

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Massage Therapy

b-300x250The providers at Refit Physical Restoration in Jersey provide a host of massage therapy services. Many residents in Jersey City have benefited from their services and recommend the providers to others.

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Pain Relief

b-300x250When it comes to pain relief, your Refit Physical Restoration Experts recognize that you are looking for solutions that provide long-lasting results. Our comprehensive services are ideal for patients in Jersey City, New Jersey who are interested in treating pain rather than covering up the symptoms with medications.

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Plantar Fasciitis

b-300x250Are you currently suffering from plantar fasciitis in the Jersey City? Refit Physical Restoration offers comprehensive chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy treatments for severe heel pain.

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b-300x250The providers who see patients at Refit Physical Restoration have helped many people in Jersey City, to recover from injuries. Regarded by many of their patients as some of the leading rehabilitation specialists in the area, the providers at the practice’s three locations are both honoured and pleased to be able to serve the communities of Jersey City.

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b-300x250The providers at Refit Physical Restoration have helped many Jersey City residents who suffer from fibromyalgia. As fibromyalgia specialists, the providers are familiar with the latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of the syndrome, and they continue to remain current on any advances in the field.

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Graston Technique

b-300x250Your Refit Physical Restoration can perform the Graston Technique at our Jersey city-based location. Come see us in Jersey City, to help diagnose and treat your soft tissue fibrosis and chronic inflammation.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

b-300x250If you are plagued by the symptoms of carpal tunnel, you may have recently experienced a decline in your ability to function. The Refit Physical Restoration is located in Jersey City. Stop by to find out how we can help you overcome carpal tunnel syndrome.

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b-300x250The providers at Refit Physical Restoration are acupuncture specialists. Many of their patients regard them as some of the leading acupuncture providers in Jersey City.

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b-300x250At Refit Physical Restoration in Jersey City ,providers have helped many patients who needed orthotics. The providers at Refit Physical Restoration are respected by both peers and patients as some of the region’s top orthotics specialists.

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Physical Therapy

b-300x250At the Refit Physical Restoration, highly trained specialists offer physical therapy to residents of Jersey City. Respected by both peers and patients, the providers at Refit Physical Restoration are highly recommended by many of the people whom they see.

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Posture Correction

b-300x250If you are hoping to improve your posture for any reason, consider the Refit Physical Restoration for posture correction. Our team of experienced professionals is proud to offer this effective treatment to Jersey City patients.

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b-300x250The experts at Refit Physical Restoration have helped many residents of Jersey City, New Jersey with ergonomics. Regarded by many people as some of the leading ergonomics specialists in Jersey City, the providers are both pleased and honoured to help people who live in these communities.

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Spinal Decompression

b-300x250Chronic back pain can turn your life completely upside down. If you are suffering from lasting back pain, talk to your Refit Physical Restoration serving and Jersey City, about spinal decompression.

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Sports Medicine

b-300x250The medical providers at Refit Physical Restoration three state-of-the-art offices have helped many athletes who live in Jersey City, New Jersey. The practice’s providers are regarded by a lot of their patients as some of the leading sports medicine specialists in the region.

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Diagnostic Testing

b-300x250If you are unsure of a medical condition, the Refit Physical Restoration can conduct diagnostic testing to adequately pinpoint the problem. Patients in Jersey City, New Jersey may call for an appointment to have diagnostic testing completed.

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