Physical Therapy

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At the Refit Physical Restoration, highly trained specialists offer physical therapy to residents of Jersey City.

Respected by both peers and patients, the providers at Refit Physical Restoration are highly recommended by many of the people whom they see.

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Who Offers Physical Therapy?

Chiropractors and physical therapists are both able to provide physical therapy. Both are trained in the various types of physical therapy treatments that are available and able to help patients with a variety of ailments.

What Should People Wear to Physical Therapy Appointments?

When going to a physical therapy appointment, patients should dress in loose-fitting clothes if at all possible. If this isn’t possible, they should bring a set of clothes to change into. Many places that offer physical therapy have facilities for patients to use if they need to change.

Wearing loose clothing allows for a complete range of motion, and it makes accessing an injured area easy. Anyone who is going to a physical therapy appointment for a leg injury might want to wear shorts instead of pants, as shorts make accessing the knee and lower leg much easier than pants.

When Should Patients Arrive at Their Physical Therapy Appointments?

Patients should arrive for their physical therapy appointments a little bit before the scheduled time. Arriving early provides patients with time to fill out preliminary paperwork, provide any relevant insurance information and change their clothes.

Do Patients Need a Prescription for Physical Therapy?

Patients don’t have to obtain a prescription from a doctor prior to scheduling a physical therapy appointment. Chiropractors are also qualified to assess injuries and examine patients. They can determine whether physical therapy will help a particular patient. If it is a viable treatment option, chiropractors also have the expertise necessary to recommend the best type of physical therapy.

Some health insurance companies, however, will only cover physical therapy expenses if the patient has a prescription for their treatment. Patients who want their appointments covered by their health insurance policy should contact their insurance provider to see whether they need to first obtain a prescription.

How Long Is a Physical Therapy Appointment?

A physical therapy treatment usually lasts only a short time, so it’s easy to work an appointment in around other obligations. Patients can ask precisely how long they should plan on a treatment to last when they are scheduling.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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